10 September 2016

About Us

KEZZME is a multi service music agency, that operates within the Music Industry Sector in Uk, Italy, Spain and Portugal


  • Publishing and Publishing Rights Management/Administration,
  • Neighbouring rights Management/Administration,
  • Press and Promotion,
  • Marketing (Media and Retailer),
  • Branding,
  • Radio Plugging
  • Music Provider music servicing

KezzMe provides professional services in key areas of the music industry and offers tailored made services to best serve its clients.

Along a 15 years long experience in music promotion planning, Kezzme is also a registered publisher, and manages the collection of neighboring rights for a vast catalogue of audio recordings and videoclips.

Kezzme mission is to promote our writers’ compositions and increase the utilization of our labels’ and artists’ recordings, leading to increase of revenues.

Our services includes registration of the licensed compositions and master recordings, music placement and synching services, management, collection and distribution of publishing and neighboring rights.

KezzMe manages the rights related to various record labels and artists, in the UK, Italy, Spain and Portugal, and in the rest of the world.

We recover the fees for related rights as a result of recording material distribution:

  • of broadcasts (radio and / or TV)
  • in public places (discos, gyms, bars, restaurants, shops)
  • on the Internet and Mobile

Also we recover income from:

  • Private Copy

KezzMe offers its customers several services to manage music catalogue and to maximize its exposure and collect revenues generated by it.

Our services:

  • Registration of the music library in different international databases
  • Claim settlement on Label names
  • Claim settlement on Master ownership and utilization
  • promotion and Radio Plugging
  • synchronizations
  • recovery of royalties
  • Creation of reports concerning royalties

• private copying recovery